TalkHistoricity Wiki and Other Mythicism-Related News

TalkHistoricity Wiki and Other Mythicism-Related News January 5, 2013

I’ve created a Wiki so that those who wish to work collaboratively on developing content for the project “TalkHistoricity: An Index of Mythicist Claims” can do so. It is located on Wikia and a link is embedded here. Once there are people actually using it, I can see whether there is a need to put restrictions in place or take any other measures to ensure that it is a place where those trying to assist with this project can collaborate unhindered. If you are interested in being involved but have difficulties with the Wiki platform, please do let me know! In the mean time, it was suggested that it might be useful for me to organize my previous posts on mythicism. I may do that, but I think that I will first try to see whether I/we can come up with an outline for the index of mythicist claims (which should be prefaced with a simple and brief explanation of the mainstream historical case). After that, I will see if I can adapt, edit, and update any of my earlier posts to serve as part of the content of the new we materials.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, Joseph Hoffmann explains why he is persuaded that there was a historical Jesus of Nazareth. James Tabor also commented on it.

Richard Carrier mentions that he has completed a finished draft of his book On The Historicity of Jesus Christ.

Jerry Coyne and John Loftus mention that it is possible to watch the whole movie Religulous online. I mentioned after I first watched the movie several years ago that Maher’s uncritical acceptance of mythicist misinformation garnered from the internet spoils its message about critical thinking. As was recently pointed out to me, Stephen Fry repeated similarly problematic claims regarding Mithras and Christmas a few years ago.

This Bart Ehrman radio comment on the matter is also worth including, even though it is from a few years ago, since there may still be people who haven’t heard it:

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