The Dalek Lama

The Dalek Lama January 12, 2013

Doctor Who, religion, and a bad pun. I couldn't not share it!


"I'm sorry. I apparently didn't get your point. Could you rephrase it?"

Are Humans a Virus?
"I also think your comment, “No matter how vile a person may be, they still ..."

Are Humans a Virus?
"I think you missed my point (on purpose). But I don’t blame you for avoiding ..."

Are Humans a Virus?

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  • William Bell

    I love all the exterminate based puns I’ve seen related to the daleks (ex/procrastinate with a dalek in front of a tv).

  • Erp

    Resistance was futile, I see.

  • Meditate, meditate.