The Exciting World of Churchgoing

The Exciting World of Churchgoing January 12, 2013

I think the takeaway message of the above cartoon by Dave Walker is this: Churches regularly hold special events for the purpose of having something interesting and enjoyable to invite someone to who does not attend the church. The subtle message is that what church is normally like is uninteresting and unenjoyable. Now, having been to churches where every sermon was evangelistic, I want to say that it is absolutely appropriate that the typical service be aimed primarily at those who attend regularly, and not just be for the benefit of anyone who turns up unexpected.

But if the event you invite potential newcomers to is too different from what church is normally like, how likely are they to stay? And if what you do normally in church is dull and uninviting, why not change it?

Let me end with another of Dave Walker's excellent cartoons:



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