Jim West’s Inconsistent Christianity

Jim West’s Inconsistent Christianity April 8, 2013

Jim West has posted some of his views on homosexuality from time to time, including posts which are so ridiculously illogical as to be bizarre.

But when he says that someone who disagrees with him isn’t a Christian, he’s gone too far.

The irony is that Jim embraces the work of historical minimalists with respect to ancient Israel – people whose historical conclusions lead them to dismiss the factuality of much of the material that conservative Christians assume to be historical.

It is completely inconsistent for him to then say that someone  is not a Christian because they – on the basis of Biblical principles of inclusiveness, fidelity, and love – accept gays and lesbians as human beings made in the image of God and as in no way inferior to heterosexuals.

Jim West’s own stance on many matters reflects the acknowledgment that our thinking cannot and should not simply mirror what Christians have thought in the past.

I just wish he’d adopt that stance consistently.


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