AAR Traditions of East Late Antiquity Session

AAR Traditions of East Late Antiquity Session April 8, 2013

Here is the lineup for the Traditions of East Late Antiquity Exploratory Session that will take place at AAR in November:

From Jerusalem to the Karûn: What can Mandaean Geographies Tell Us?

Charles Häberl, Rutgers University

“On the Creation of Adam”: A Greek/Syriac “Kephalaion” from Titus of Bostra’s Contra Manichaeos

Timothy Pettipiece, University of Ottawa

The Creation of Disaster: Ritual Error in the Creation Stories of Ptahil and Zurvan

Jennifer Hart, Stanford University

Pahlavi and Periodization: The Use and Value of the Term ‘Late Antique’ for Zoroastrian Literature

Yuhan Vevaina, Stanford University

Mani and the Mythic Melting Pot: Syncretism or Archaeology of Knowledge in Late Antique Mesopotamia

Jason DeBuhn, Northern Arizona University

Penetrating Words: Syriac Mariology in a Talmudic Text

Michael Rosenberg, Hebrew College

Naomi Koltun-Fromm , Haverford College


James McGrath , Butler University


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