Acts 26:18 (Bogus Internet Version)

Acts 26:18 (Bogus Internet Version) May 3, 2013

I had a student provide this quote, supposedly from Acts 26:18,  in an assignment:

The first step of education is to have one’s eyes opened and be turned from darkness to light.

I Googled it and found it has circulated quite widely online. But it doesn’t correspond to the meaning of the Greek text of Acts 26:18, although parts of it are based on it. And so I thought I would mention it here and see if anyone else has encountered it, and knows where it comes from originally.

I doubt it is originally from even a paraphrase of the Bible, since it would not fit the context in Acts. My guess would be that  it started out with someone quoting part of Acts 26:18 in relation to education, and then more of the sentence being brought within the quotation marks and mistakenly attributed to Acts.

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