Blog Issues

Blog Issues May 22, 2013

As regular readers have presumably already noticed, there are some hiccups with this blog at the moment which are beyond my control. There seems to be a workaround – if you type “cp” in place of “www” in the URL of a page address, you should be able to get there. Commenting works OK. But as some of you know, the built-in Recent Comments function has gotten stuck. I’ve created a workaround for that too, and so there is a sidebar widget with recent comments based on the Disqus feed.

Hopefully this will keep things going for now. I have the rest of my retelling of Romans 2 ready to post, just waiting for things to be working properly first!

Thank you for your patience – and/or your impatient indignation because you so want to be able to read and comment here! 🙂

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