Dear Science

Dear Science June 5, 2013

Tyler Francke has a new post up at God of Evolution. In it, he suggests that Christians could do with writing a letter to science along the following lines:

Dear Science,

We have been unfaithful to you, and we are sorry. Young-earth creationism could never measure up to you — what the heck were we thinking?

Please forgive us. Please take us back.

Forever yours (for reals this time),


While some of us have done so, and some never needed to, it would be wonderful to see Christianity as a whole typified by this sentiment. Click through to see the whole post.

Of related interest, see Pete Enns’ latest post about challenges to staying Christian, the conclusion of Mike Beidler’s series “Confronting Our Fears” on the Celebrating Evolving Creation site, and an interesting post in the Google+ Talk.Origins group on how genetics proves evolution.

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