A New Dictionary of Mandaic

A New Dictionary of Mandaic July 8, 2013

Matthew Morgenstern's paper was about his work to produce a new Mandaic lexicon. Much of the talk focused on shortcomings in the Drower-Macuch dictionary, which the current work by Morgenstern seeks to build and improve upon.

The photo below indicates the contrast between the image produced from the microfilm of a particular text which suffered water damage, and the photo he took with his digital camera, which shows the parts of the text that are completely illegible in the microfilm.

And here is the moment when he broke the news that, contrary to Drower's Mandaic dictionary, there isn't a reference to lesbians in a text that she thought there was:

In fact, the text means the opposite – not women embracing, but women turning away from or fighting with one another.


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