A Hebrew Grammarian’s Real Answers in Genesis

A Hebrew Grammarian’s Real Answers in Genesis August 17, 2013

Robert Holmstedt normally blogs about Hebrew grammar. But the nonsense Answers in Genesis spouts about the Bible and not just science has irked him enough to comment. Here’s a taste of what he wrote in a recent blog post:

If a person’s view of the authority rests on reading Genesis scientifically and so his or her faith crashes against the wall of science, the teachers and preachers that taught that poor person in the first place will answer to God for misleading others.

Click through to read the rest. His conclusion that Terry Mortenson’s failure to engage his points about Hebrew grammar is because Mortenson cannot do so is right on target, and meshes with my own experience.

Of related interest, see the recent discussion of creationism in the New York TimesAlice Linsley’s case that young-earth creationism is unbiblical, and Scott Bailey, Gavin Rumney, and Jim Kidder on a young-earth creationist who says that dragons lived in Biblical times. Here’s the video:

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