God’s Not Happy

God’s Not Happy August 21, 2013

Someone using the zip line, a new attraction at the Creation Museum, was struck by lightning.

I checked the source, and it isn’t The Onion.

Surely, if the core belief of Answers in Genesis is true, namely that removing God from so-called natural phenomena by appealing to scientific explanations is inappropriate, then God is displeased with the Creation Museum.

Or with their introduction of a zip line, in an attempt to pander to people to get them through the doors.

Or with one particular attendee.

You see, even those who claim that natural phenomena can indicate divine judgment can always find a way to think that the anger of God is aimed at others rather than them.

HT Hemant Mehta, whose criticisms of Ray Comfort did not result in his being struck by lightning. Surely there is a message in that?

And the creationist museum in San Diego might want to get rid of its TNT…just in case.


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  • John Pieret

    James, this is off-topic, but you might want to look at this:


    I’m not a believer, but it made me want to spit.

    • I saw the story, and, if the action of the church is cause for dismay, the actions of the detective’s parents is something beautiful.

  • I agree it is silly to state that God is angry on many things conservative Christians are angry on, like creationism.

    But can we believe that God is angry on genocides, injustices, cheating?

    It is hard to see how a perfect, infinite being can have feelings.

    What’s your take on that James?

    Lothars Sohn – Lothar’s son

    • I try to avoid anthropomorphism. But if one is going to use such language, then anything which is moving us outwards into care for others and making connections beyond ourselves is a move in the direction of transcendence and thus towards God, while drawing in, severing connections, while causing harm to others and drawing our circles further and further inward, whether to the boundary of our tribe or our own person, is directly opposed to the reality of the Infinite. But as I said, it is better just to avoid anthropomorphism as much as possible. 🙂