Caption This

Caption This August 21, 2013

"At one point Phoebe dates a psychologist who assesses the group of friends much as ..."

A Teeny, Tiny Possibility You’re Wrong
"I thoroughly dislike Friends, it's always struck me that the 'friends' are shallow, self-absorbed, kind ..."

A Teeny, Tiny Possibility You’re Wrong
"This has the makings of a great sermon, preached on the Book of Friends."

A Teeny, Tiny Possibility You’re Wrong
"You mistake the difference between consensus of opinion on matters which can be tested and ..."

Is an Appeal to Consensus an ..."

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  • csiems

    Look, Jim, it’s a metaphor. If you want it to be white as snow, you’ve got to use OxiClean.

  • Peter Kirk

    Sorry, Jesus. We thought of having Pilate chop your head off cleanly, but then we decided that doing it this way would do wonders at the box office. Anyway, we are already working on the sequel “Jesus Resurrected!”, and we don’t want its plot to be too far-fetched.

  • “You’re a Jew, you’ve had a bad day. Go with it.”

  • Chris Crawford

    Ok, Mel, I’ll listen to your direction this time.

  • Glen

    I mean, the old lady was getting so boring and well, that other woman was so hot. Jesus! You understand don’t you?

  • susan

    Mel: Can’t you play it a little less Jewish?

  • Bob Patterson

    Don’t sweat it Jesus — you’re also God. This means you can heal yourself and raise yourself from the dead too. Not sure what that does to the “sacrifice” part… Rodney! Is there a theologian on the set? Get me a &%!$# theologian NOW!

  • Matthew Richardson

    Mel: “You would NOT believe the day I’ve had!”

  • husny jamal

    Mel: Look my son, I beat you up for your own good.