You Know What I Did This Summer

You Know What I Did This Summer August 26, 2013

Classes start at Butler University this week. I find it useful to look back over the summer’s activities, not only because blog readers may be interested, but also because I find it encouraging to look back and realize that something was accomplished!

I taught my course on the Bible online to two sections of students for the first time.

I traveled to Oxford to read a paper on the Mandaeans and their historical connection with Jerusalem. (I also blogged about the conference).

I worked on a commentary on the Mandaean Book of John, wrote several book reviews, and finished a few other writing projects.

I put the finishing touches on a volume I co-edited with Andrew Crome, Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith: Religion and Doctor Who. (And for those in the UK, don’t miss the day conference on this topic at the University of Manchester in November!)

I helped to plan this year’s public lecture series, on “Freedom of Expression and Religion,” and the course that will run in conjunction with it.

I also began taking singing lessons.

What did you do this past summer?

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