Darwin’s Doubt and Ray Comfort’s Certainty

Darwin’s Doubt and Ray Comfort’s Certainty September 6, 2013

There have been lot of devastating reviews of Stephen Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design. One recent one is by Larry Moran, and it sums up one of the problems with the book in a picture:

The circle indicates the small moment in the history of life that Meyer’s book focuses on. And so the book isn’t dealing with the origin of life or most of the history of life on this planet, and the extensive genetic as well as other evidence for the course of that history. It is focusing on a particular period, noting that we do not currently know why certain things took the course that they did during that period, and then arguing “therefore Intelligent Design.”

Just as that is a “Designer of the Gaps” argument, Tyler Francke has warned about Ray Comfort’s “Jesus of the Gaps” argument. He also shared a screenshot of the profoundly stupid comment Comfort offered in response to Francke’s review of his deceitful movie:

Comfort must really hate Christianity to offer so much deceit and nonsense in the name of Christianity, making the entire faith look as foolish and misguided as he is.

In related news, Jerry Coyne shared information about getting Meyer’s book recategorized on Amazon, and if you haven’t discovered it already, check out the new NCSE blog!


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