Limits to Religious Freedom

Limits to Religious Freedom September 16, 2013

Since Tuesday is Constitution Day, and I will be gathering students from my course on “Religion and Freedom of Expression” soon for the first time to talk about Randall Bezanson’s book How Free Can Religion Be?, I thought I would see if there is interest in discussing the topic on this blog. As a starting point for discussion, here is a video which Hemant Mehta made and shared recently:

That there are limits to religious freedom even in a society that values religious freedom is clear.But the question of what those limits should be, and how to define them and apply them fairly, remains challenging and controversial. Bezanson’s book does a great job of highlighting the issues as illustrated by the arguments, decisions, and dissenting opinions in Supreme Court cases over the years.

What are your views on the limits of religious freedom in a free society? Which country’s or era’s approach to religious freedom do you view as optimal, and why?

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