Afterlife Diversity

Afterlife Diversity September 16, 2013

A friend shared this screenshot from the movie Hellbound? on Facebook.

I would dispute whether some of these texts clearly belong in the particular category in which they are placed (although if I recall correctly, in the movie the point of the chart was not to say that these prooftext support these views but simply to indicate that each view has prooftexts which seem at first glance to support it). I would also point out that the diversity of the Bible encompasses more than these three views – most of the Hebrew Bible doesn't envisage an afterlife at all. But it is still a useful image as a starting point for discussion.

And even for those inclined to harmonize them, “interpreting Scripture in light of Scripture,” the question must be asked as to why you start with the particular set of texts you do and harmonize the others to them, rather than harmonizing the texts you chose to start with to others that seem to mean something else.


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