SBLAARggers Gathering

SBLAARggers Gathering October 18, 2013

Brian Le Port posted about the annual bibliobloggers' gathering for this year's SBL and AAR annual meeting in Baltimore. I think that it is high time that we fully included the AAR folks. And so let's start calling it the SBLAARggers Gathering.

We agreed in the past that #SBLAAR is a better hashtag to use, since AARSBL sounds to Brits as though you are swearing. But now the possibility of a pun on bloggers makes it seem that much clearer that SBLAAR is the way to go. And I am pretty sure that few of us who know British English want to be called AARSBLoggers.

Organizing an event like this is challenging, since pretty much everyone who would like to attend this event is already busy with some prior commitment on one of the evenings. And so, in the interest of not making it any more challenging, I'll encourage those who want to comment on the question of day and time to click through and do so on Brian's blog.

But please do also talk about it here, if you will be at AAR/SBL in Baltimore!


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