Star Wars Monsters and Biblical Mythology

Star Wars Monsters and Biblical Mythology October 18, 2013

Yesterday I posted about theology and epic fantasy. Today we cross over (at least partly) into science fiction, with an article that talks about the roots in classic mythology of several Star Wars monsters. In the first part of their article “Drawing on the Imagination” on the official Star Wars blog, Tim Veekhoven & Kevin Beentjes focus attention on a range of monsters inspired from a variety of culture’s classics. But those with Biblical roots are given particular attention. Click through to read it!

In related news, conflicts seem to be hitting the Noah movie. Also, there is a new movie about Jesus in the works, and so if you see headlines proclaiming “Son of God to be Released Next Year,” chances are that is what it is about. And The Guardian has a piece on why we still need fairy tales.

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