Funny Baptisms

Funny Baptisms November 21, 2013

Unless you’ve seen this compilation before, I am pretty sure you’ve never seen baptisms like the one at the middle and at the end of this video!


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  • newenglandsun

    So do you believe in baptismal regeneration or in believers’ baptism?

    • LorenHaas


      • newenglandsun

        A) You’re not the one I addressed the question to.

        B) That doesn’t answer the question.

        Question for James McGrath:
        “So do you believe in baptismal regeneration or in believers’ baptism?”

        • LorenHaas

          Being as you are now addressing me, my point was to lighten up. Your question seemed to be off topic for this light hearted video.
          “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

          • I was debating whether to reply by saying “the latter” or “cannonball!” I am glad it wasn’t just me.

          • newenglandsun

            Thanks. I was just curious. I wasn’t sure if liberals maintained an Anabaptist approach and argued it was unnecessary for salvation or a prodigal son approach to baptism as a grant to an entrance into the kingdom.

          • newenglandsun

            lol. nice exaggeration of the Spanish inquisition.

          • spinetingler

            Lol. Nice not understanding the reference.

          • newenglandsun

            I understood it loud and clear.

          • spinetingler

            I’ll believe it when you explain it.

          • newenglandsun

            A Monty Python reference. Where the Monty Python cast exaggerates the Spanish Inquisition.

            What I don’t get is how it fits in here since all I asked was a curious question.

        • “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

          Thanks, LorenHaas! Still my favorite Monty Python sketches!