War on Christmas

War on Christmas November 6, 2013

This year’s war on Christmas has begun. It is being waged by groups such as Liberty Counsel, who are encouraging Christians to avoid interacting with non-Christians once again (and also illustrating hypocrisy by not putting Chick-fil-A on their naughty list, as Hemant Mehta highlights). If my calculation was right last year when I wrote about this, then that makes this the eleventh annual attempt by the group to undermine Christmas.

Also seeking to undermine Christmas are the makers of the song in the video below, whose message is that Christmas is all about shopping, words, and grinchiness. I’ve rarely encountered a less Christian sentiment wrapped in Christian garb.

See also my post from a few years ago which points out that, far from there being a pagan or secular “war on Christmas,” Christmas is the result of a very effective war on solstice waged by Christians long ago, the victory of which still shapes our world today.

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