War on Christmas

War on Christmas November 6, 2013

This year’s war on Christmas has begun. It is being waged by groups such as Liberty Counsel, who are encouraging Christians to avoid interacting with non-Christians once again (and also illustrating hypocrisy by not putting Chick-fil-A on their naughty list, as Hemant Mehta highlights). If my calculation was right last year when I wrote about this, then that makes this the eleventh annual attempt by the group to undermine Christmas.

Also seeking to undermine Christmas are the makers of the song in the video below, whose message is that Christmas is all about shopping, words, and grinchiness. I’ve rarely encountered a less Christian sentiment wrapped in Christian garb.

See also my post from a few years ago which points out that, far from there being a pagan or secular “war on Christmas,” Christmas is the result of a very effective war on solstice waged by Christians long ago, the victory of which still shapes our world today.

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  • dangjin

    Just so you know, Christmas is not a biblical holiday and there is no command to celebrate it found in the Bible. There is also no command to fight for it either. Believers have communion where they are to celebrate Christ’s birth ,life, death and resurrection.
    BUT this does not mean believers can’t have fun at Christmas time nor not give presents or meet with family. it just means that what the secular world does with the Christmas holidays is not a violation of biblical truth or doctrine, etc.

  • A bit off topic but interesting nonetheless since you mention the solstice. Here, in Ireland, the summer and winter solstice and spring and autumn equinox are making quite the comeback with other Celtic festivals. It’s now common to find stone circles and other ancient monuments very busy on these dates for people to see the sunrise and sunsets. There’s a growing amount of festivals as well on these dates. These, however, don’t really have a religious element to them. There is, however, a growing number of neo-pagans who do add religious significance to these dates – although there are by far greater numbers of neo-pagans in the UK.

  • Flash Clemmons

    I happen to be a very proud Pagan and so Yule is an important time of year for me. I am sick to death of the discussions and war on Xmas holiday and who has the right to celebrate it. They avail nothing. Dec 25th was originally a Pagan celebration for the birth of the Pagan God of the Unconquered Sun – Mithras as well as at least 12 other Pagan Gods during the month of December. The date was adopted into Christianity to try and take the focus off of the Pagan celebrations. I for one would have thought that the decision would have been different since the Christian followers generally view Pagans as vile, evil people that are headed for damnation, but so be it – nothing anyone does with the arguments will change the long ago made choice. Let it be already. I personally do not agree with what xtianity is all about and based on but that does not mean I have the right to tell them what to believe or celebrate even if I feel that its based on non-truth. That in a nutshell is the major difference between a Pagan and a Christian… Pagans do not try to force our beliefs on others or recruit people to convert and many are solitary practitioners that follow and nourish their own spiritual path while Christians feel the need to be pushy and demanding in badgering you to believe what they do – and extremely condemning when you refuse too. Ultimately we are all responsible for ourselves as it will only be us that will face the damnation if that choice is wrong. There are more than 4200 recognized religions in the world so all of us can’t possibly be right… more are going to be wrong than not.

    I have studied world religions for years now, and even gave xtianity a try for about 2 years while I was on the quest of the correct spiritual path for myself… so it’s not like I am uniformed, I don’t ask you to change so please don’t ask me as it would be an exercise in time futility.

    Merry Pagan Day all 🙂

    Flash Collins
    Proud PAGAN