Occupy the Nativity (Feline Edition)

Occupy the Nativity (Feline Edition) December 11, 2013

Via Hemant Mehta I learned that cats have occupied creches in Brooklyn. They also seem to have removed Jesus in order to make room for themselves!

If refrains of “Put Christ Back In Christmas” were ever appropriate, this might be it. And given that cats are atheists (except for the ones who hold ancient Egyptian views of their own divinity), this is perhaps unsurprising. Indeed, perhaps they have situated themselves where they have precise in order to demand worship!

Someone at some point in all this ought to quote John 20:13: “They have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid him.”

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  • Bast is the one true god and felines are her prophets.

  • Gary

    Maybe the cats are just carrying-on the Maccabees tradition, evicting the idols from the temple. After all, they are warriors.