Time of the Doctor Trailer

Time of the Doctor Trailer December 11, 2013

The first proper trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor,” has been released.

They seriously need to give the “X of the Doctor” titles a rest after this, and leave some for the 100th anniversary specials…

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  • Joshua Smith

    Looks like it’s going to be pretty dark…

  • Just Sayin’

    In every shot he does the exact same “head down, eyes looking up” pose. I look forward to the next Doctor and some acting once again!

    • Tony

      Oh, stop it. I’m looking forward to a lack of trolls… especially those who judge an actor’s performance based on the editing of a 36-second trailer. For many people, Smith was an excellent Doctor.

      • Just Sayin’

        No need for ad hominems — that’s the only real trollish behaviour here. Who says I’m basing my comment solely on the trailer? This young bloke only has this one distinctive acting trope: head down, eyes looking upward anxiously — and he repeats it again, and again, and again, and again, every episode I’ve seen.

        Patrick Troughton, Hartnell, Pertwee, Eccleston — they all could have acted this Matt Smith guy off the planet.

        • Tony

          Um, ad hominem? I think you need to reread your original comment or else learn to write more clearly. “In every shot” must either refer to the embedded trailer above or to every shot Matt Smith has ever appeared in; if you meant the first instance, then my critique stands, but if you meant the second, then my mistake… based on your inability to string words together coherently.

          Also, there’s more to being an actor than posing. That’s simply one element of a larger skill set. Even IF Smith only had a single pose — which he doesn’t — it wouldn’t necessarily mean that he wasn’t “acting.” Hence, YOU’RE the one guilty of a fallacy here.

          Why can’t you just respectfully say, “Personally, Smith wasn’t my favorite, so I’m glad he’s leaving,” without disparaging an actor that some Whovians clearly love? That’s all I’m asking. I apologize for calling you a troll, but enough is enough with your Smith-bashing on this site.

          • Just Sayin’

            I think you need to back off and get a life.

          • Ian

            Telling a fanboi to calm down and get a life. Now there’s a time honored strategy. I appreciate your chutzpah, JS, but I don’t fancy your chances. 🙂

          • William Trojman

            lol “chutzpa” i love it!!!

  • I hope they’re not building up to The End of the Doctor

  • Just Sayin’

    The End of Matt Smith and The End of Timey-Wimey will be nice. I also look forward to The End of Doctor Who Reaches Time Lord Puberty and Discovers Sex.

    • Liriel

      I don’t know what I think. I haven’t watched an entire ep since “The Doctor’s Wife” – I hate River and I don’t like the degree of time-event-changing in the Moffat-era. Okay to season 5 (I liked the end, but only a couple eps were stand-out to me), but then there was the Christmas thing, and I just didn’t like the show anymore with all the Silents stuff and thought River was more Mary-Sue the more we learned (may be different later, I admit, after I quit watching). I *really* don’t like canon-retcons ala Clara and the special. And with Moffat still there (he is, right?), I just don’t know whether it’s worth tuning in and trying to like it again.

      I never had a problem with Matt Smith or Eleven, though, as far as I watched.

      I’d like to see no romance for a few incarnations. I don’t hate the idea of the looms and don’t think the Doctor has to be asexual, but he went 6 incarnations and at least hundreds of his years with no (on-screen) love interests – they should be few and far between. But I want the end to the timey-wimeyness even more. It just makes it feel like watching the show was a waste sometimes. I remember when the Universe was rebooted and there was all this talk about if any of the previous seasons or Classic Who events had even happened, in-universe, and I hope we never have to go through that agan.