Ancient Iraqi Aliens?

Ancient Iraqi Aliens? January 29, 2014

Via the All Mesopotamia Tumblr, I learned of the Huffington Post article suggesting that this figure on a vessel in the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad is proof of ancient aliens:

Any readers with expertise on ancient Mesopotamian art want to offer a different perspective on what is depicted?

In almost but not entirely unrelated news, NASA is being sued for not sufficiently investigating the odd object that appeared near the Mars rover recently.

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  • Scale armour?

    • Michael Wilson

      probably not, could be buttons of some material, or just a polka dot pattern

  • Michael Wilson

    yeah, go through a kids drawings and ask, are all kids drawing aliens? for some reason UFO types have come to the conclusion that ET’s look pretty much like us, but shorter with big heads and eyes that are way more prominent than any other facial feature. But if you want to draw a person on a budget of expertise or space, the clearest way to designate a figure as a living person is eyes. Big eyes read easier, go look at Japanimation, big eyes, small mouth and nose. If I’am drawing stick figures they will seem alive if I put just eyes on them, but will look odd and unappealing if they have proportional eyes or no eyes and big ears, noses, or a mouth. Or Iraqi cup maker clearly doesn’t have a lot of time for detail so rather than try and make sure the eyes, nose, mouth and ears are all proportional, he makes a short hand head with eyes and a hint of other features.

  • arcseconds

    I think this is probably an ancient depiction of Zippy the Pinhead:

  • An alien? How ridiculous! This is a completely terrestrial creature from the black lagoon.

  • mheiser

    what’s the provenance of the object? where did the image come from?

    • I’m not sure. I’ve never been to this museum and have not actually dug into the question to see if there is additional information online. I thought that perhaps some readers who work on Mesopotamian religion might already be familiar with it.