Selective Literalism

Selective Literalism January 6, 2014

Inspired by an image I saw on Facebook, but which had a typo in it and thus could not simply be reposted as it was. Here it is, however, to give credit where credit is due:



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TRENDING AT PATHEOS Progressive Christian
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  • Of all the words to get wrong…

  • BrotherRog

    All Christians pick and choose which portions of the Bible that they
    interpret literally. Progressive Christians simply admit this and share
    how we discern. Our gauge tends to revolve around how passages seem to
    foster and nurture unconditional love, compassion, and restorative

    Roger Wolsey, author, Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don’t like christianity.

    • gardenlobster

      It wasn’t until I fully grasped this concept that I finally broke free of fundamentalism. I’ve been from one end of the faith spectrum to the other, from LaVey/Crowley spiritualism and Nietzsche intellectualism to hands-raising pro-gun anti-choice protesting homophobe, to don’t-need-churchy-people quasi swinger couple to humble progressive. I had to see His heart, I mean, REALLY see His heart before I could understand, and still I know I’ve barely scratched the surface. Through following my own temptations and the pain of repentance, especially when that sin harmed someone else, and through having children, I began to see more clearly. We all really do, at some point, pick and choose what is literal. Does that make the whole Canon a work of fiction? Certainly not. It does mean, though, we have to read between the lines and realize that the foundation so many of us stand on is our own mind trying to put God in a box. By definition, God is not defined by mere mortals. We simply attempt to interpret what we are unable to fully fathom.

  • Ha, I didn’t even notice it at first. I was looking too hard and skipped right over Bilble.

  • Jen

    The man in the 2nd illustration seems as if he is the poor so why is he being lectured lol? Note his bags and bedroll next to the bench…

    • Well spotted! I think this is a case of a popular image for use in memes taking on a life of its own, with less and less attention being paid to the image…

    • Nate

      The point of the picture is that Jesus is helping the poor guy…not lecturing the poor guy.

  • Douglas Dmitri Mosier

    hey, it’s right there in the “bill-blee”!

  • Forsaken

    Okay, I think this is really accurate, but this is not the only thing that Christians choose to ignore. They choose to ignore the whole issue with divorce and love thy neighbor and he who has not sinned shall cast the first stone. I just wish that people would stop being so inconsiderate then using the bible as an excuse to be a total asshole. Admittedly some christians aren’t like that, but I fear that there are more like that than not.

  • Debra VS

    The creation stories are parables, not to be taken literally. Can someone PLEASE create a meme that says that (without an obnoxious picture)?