Creationist Quote Mining

Creationist Quote Mining January 6, 2014

This demotivational poster about young-earth creationist and Intelligent Design proponent quote-mining was inspired (or perhaps I should say demotivated?) by recent discussions here on the blog.

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  • Back when I was director of a small Christian ministry library, we had a huge collection of old scientific journals from a defunct Catholic college library whose collection we had bought. The folks in San Diego were more than happy to come and get as many volumes as they could — to do just that, mine quotes!

  • I shamelessly admit that I am biased, but you forgot S.J. Gould… (;-)…

    • I confess that I adapted an already-existing montage, and did not take the trouble to add scientists that were not already in it. If I had hand-picked my own, their would have been some replacements!

  • newenglandsun

    Only problem with the argument is that young earth creationists actually *do* think they’re quoting an idiot when they’re quoting an evolutionary biologist.