Ark Speed Bumps

Ark Speed Bumps February 3, 2014

Is the joke in poor taste, or is it the story that is the problem?

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  • Brian P.

    I don’t really see a problem either way. Personally, I think the most interesting reflections of Biblical narratives can be if considered fully from the breadth of the participant’s perspectives. How am I sometimes like Noah in this story? How am I sometimes like one of Noah’s family members in this story? How am I like the God character sometimes in this story? How am I like one of the drowning victims in this story? How am I like the dove in this story? Am I ever like the naysayers?, the ark?, the rains?, the rainbow? Stories and their inspired derivative works can be enjoyed well, even with elements of spiritual contemplation. Is there better, more delectably tasteful method to enjoy such works?

  • Jerome

    The story. Think about all those babies and puppies that got drowned.