Why Are There Millions Of These?

Why Are There Millions Of These? February 3, 2014
Someone drew this image to my attention on Facebook:

It led me to ask why there are millions of Christians who are so poorly informed about basic science, that they think that evolution is about our having evolved from modern-day monkeys. Why are there millions of Christians who are happy to take an adamant stance about a subject that they should have flunked in high school if they gave these sorts of erroneous answers, and to think themselves smarter than the world’s scientists despite their being badly misinformed?

Yet even if one talks about the actual common ancestor of modern chimpanzees and humans, it is not at all true that we do not have s0-called “missing links.” Why do so many Christians think otherwise? There is a great illustration on TalkOrigins of how young-earth creationists dupe the gullible into believing that sort of nonsense. When it comes to the actual fossil evidence, the creationists will arbitrarily insist that fossils fall neatly into the category of “ape” or “human.” Yet they can’t seem to agree which! Even so, because those who fall for young-earth creationist lies follow their cult leaders unquestioningly and never fact-check their claims, these contradictions never get noticed.

Imagine if someone called Old English and modern English different species – sorry, “kinds.” They could then insist that there are no intermediate forms and put every text between then and now arbitrarily into the “Old English” or “modern English” category. But an actual examination of the texts would show a gradation between the two, showing how the one evolved into the other. The fossil evidence shows the same thing – and the genetic evidence confirms it.

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