Holding Out for a Rapture

Holding Out for a Rapture February 18, 2014

After I shared a link to some parody songs that appeared on the blog “Stuff Fundies Like,” Chris Eyre shared a post that he wrote a while back with some modified song lyrics, to be sung to the tune of a famous Bonnie Tyler song. Here’s the chorus of “Holding Out For a Rapture”:

I need a rapture

I’m holding out for a rapture ’til the end of my days

‘Cause I don’t want to work

For the Kingdom on earth

Or to fellowship with all the gays

I need a rapture

I’m holding out for a rapture ’til the end of my life

As I can’t get no ease

With no liberals here

And I want to leave them to the strife

Click through to read the rest. If you decide to perform and record it, let me know so I can share it!

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