Intelligent Designer/Underachiever

Intelligent Designer/Underachiever February 8, 2014

From People in White Coats via NCSE

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Evolution Sunday, an occasion set aside to try to bring serious discussion of evolution, and science more generally, into churches. I always try to do something in my Sunday school class at least this time every year. Why not talk about the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate, if nothing else?

Perhaps the most important message to convey is that young-earth creationism and Intelligent Design are not the default Christian views, with anything else being a departure and a compromise. Believing that God created each individual living thing – or some specific features of living things that are “irreducibly complex” – is not as self-evidently more “biblical” or more reasonable than mainstream views. Indeed, as has been shown time and time again, it is not just that YEC and ID are scientifically problematic. The God that they depict is objectionable on Biblical, theological, moral, and other grounds.

If you do read this blog and you do something in your religious community to mark Evolution Weekend, please do tell me about it in a comment!

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