Today on the Drew Marshall Show

Today on the Drew Marshall Show February 8, 2014

Today at 2pm Eastern time I will be a guest on the Canadian radio program, the Drew Marshall Show. Please do tune in to listen, whether on the radio if you are in Canada, or online. The topic will be the recent debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye. 

Joel Baden has a great piece in the Huffington Post about the selectivity with which young-earth creationists embrace what is in the Bible. Here’s a sample:

The Bible contains multiple accounts and ideas of creation. Anyone who claims otherwise is simply not reading the Bible. A creationism that is centered entirely on Genesis 1 is not “biblical,” any more than a creationism that insists upon a primordial battle between God and a series of giant monsters from whose bodies the seas were created.

I’d like to suggest that we stop referring to “young-earth creationists” and be more specific, calling people like Ken Ham instead “young-earth Genesis 1 minus the dome no-primordial-conflict-with-a-dragon creationists” or something like that.

Here’s another key point from the article: “The way to defeat creationism isn’t to fight it with science, but with a weapon it will respect. Creationism is defeated with the Bible. It’s one or the other — both can’t be right.”

Others have also been blogging about the debate and its aftermath. Libby Anne expressed objections to those who responded to straw man versions of creationists rather than the views creationists actually hold. And Ross McKenzie offered some explanations with links on the topic of how we know how old the Earth is.

Don’t forget to tune in later to hear me, together with Jonathan Ryan (of Geek Goes Rogue, the guy who came up with the #HamOnNye hashtag), on the Drew Marshall show!


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  • I listened, do I get extra credit? 😉 “Dr. James F. McGrath…gosh I like that name.” You know, what made me happy after this debate, were the comments made by Pat Robertson and I quote:

    “Let’s face it, there was a bishop who added up the dates listed in Genesis and he came up with the world had been around for 6,000 years. There ain’t no way that’s
    possible. To say that it all came about in 6,000 years is just nonsense and I think it’s time we come off of that stuff and say this isn’t possible. Let’s be real, let’s not make a joke of ourselves.”

    Thanks for introducing me to the Drew Marshall Show online. If another lazy Saturday rolls around, I may tune in.

    • Thanks for listening!

      • Guest

        Professor, you would shred Mr. Ham in a one-on-one debate. It has to be greed that keeps the guy stuck in stupid like this. When the dollars start to fade, he’ll have his revelation moment. Would be fun to speculate what Mr. Ham will be doing when that inspiration arrives. The dinosaur exhibit topples over and traps Hamosapian under 6,000 pounds of wire frame and lizard skin?
        I like your snow shoveling icon by the way. That is funny. 🙂

  • Craig Wright

    Good job on the radio today. I have one comment on the Ham/Nye debate. It seems that Nye was not quite prepared to deal with some of the arguments that AiG makes. And it appeared to me that Ham was doing a bit of bluffing. One example is that I wish Nye had pushed more on the concept of the speed of light as determining the age of the universe. That is one big issue that YECs don’t deal with very well. Ham made a quick comment that there is a horizon problem regarding star light. He got that from an article by Jason Lisle on their website. The article is titled “Does Distant Starlight Prove the Universe is Old?” I read it and found it simplistic and confusing. Nye wasn’t ready to jump on Ham’s quick allusion to that point.