Interconnected February 25, 2014

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  • That poster has codependency written all over it.

    With codependency on the left, and authoritarian submissiveness on the right, it’s just proof that there are not many healthy relationships in primate primate group sizes that are larger than the neurobiological “limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships.”

    • I’m not sure that recognizing the ways in which we are interdependent necessarily has to mean that those relationships become codependent.

      • True, and I’ve often emphasized our interconnectedness. But the quote makes one person’s emotional well-being necessarily dependent upon another person’s.

        I don’t know the author at all, and perhaps I’d agree with him more if I read more. If so, I’d be willing to chalk up the quote to hyperbole, which Jesus sometimes used to good effect.

        It is the innocence of His character, the purity and sublimity of His moral precepts, the eloquence of His inculcations, the beauty of the apologues in which He conveys them, that I so much admire; sometimes, indeed, needing indulgence to eastern hyperbolism. ~Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Short, April 13, 1820

        • Michael Wilson

          Your well being should be dependent on another persons. Example: if you see your mother being raped by a pack of hyenas, you should feel bad.

    • Sounds more like basic golden rule reciprocity to me. The best way to achieve peace, joy, and freedom is to promote peace, joy, and freedom for the whole of society.

      Eastern gurus came up with this basic philosophy long before Jesus.

      • Maybe Jesus was an eastern guru.

        • Hmmm … I’m not sure of their scholarly credibility … but wouldn’t it be great if the European art masters were wrong, and Jesus was actually more like those bald and rotund buddha depictions!