Jesus’ Diving Nature

Jesus’ Diving Nature March 17, 2014

A careful reader of the publicity material in the photo in my last post pointed out that it actually mentions “Jesus’ diving nature” where presumably it meant “Jesus’ divine nature.” Proof-reading is crucial! Although perhaps they can say that diving is here a metaphor for the incarnation…

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  • MarkP

    I got mercilessly teased at one church I served, where I produced a bulletin announcing the closing hymn as “Love diving, all loves excelling.”

    • That’s not as bad as when at Christmas the slide with the lyrics to one carol says “Let angels’ prostate fall”…

  • IgnorantiaNescia

    I sense doctrinal innovation: baptism by immersion, ten feet deep, with goggles and snorkels.

  • Wait, this is Zondervan!? For some reason, I first thought this was an anti-historicity leaflet!

  • Dale

    Surely, James, it is a reference to this:

    Of course, one of the great artistic treatments of the incarnation.

  • Perhaps the author is referring to the “divers miracles” of Hebrew 2:4 (KJV). 😉