Not Faith

Not Faith March 4, 2014

The quote above is based on something TrevorN said in a comment, which was in turn derived from what nameless others had said. And so it didn’t seem possible to attribute a clear quotation to any particular person. But the sentiment seemed to be worth sharing.

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  • TrevorN

    Credit where credit is due:

    The original germ for the idea was a tweet by Kester Brewin, which I saw the day before he had a short article published in the HuffPo; the article is here:

    • Was it this:

      It's not so much that skeptics don't believe the climate science, more that they fear the trauma of what believing it would mean.— Kester Brewin (@kesterbrewin) March 1, 2014

      If so, then I think you genuinely came up with a new if related insight based on what he said.

      • TrevorN

        Yes, that was the one. Thanks 🙂

  • ropata

    Pig headed denial of evidence is not faith
    Blind obedience to authority is not faith
    Dull failure to think critically is not faith

    Faith is an inference of hope based on incomplete intellectual evidence, but for good spiritual and subjective reasons. Faith is not logical or rational but it doesn’t deny logic, rationality and intellect. My faith is in a good God, as imperfectly described in the Bible, but exemplified in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.