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Onion Theology March 15, 2014

The Onion regularly features satire aimed at religion, often with good effect. Recent examples include the spoof news video about the leading cause of death being God needing more angels, and this magazine cover:


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  • guest

    It got a laugh out of me.
    How would you answer that question? Where IS god hiding?

  • arcseconds

    It seems to me the pictures could answer the title…

    • That seemed to me to be part of what made the cover ironic/funny!

  • Why does the existence of God and of atheists concern conservative Christians so much? No doubt any Infinite Being out there must be amused by the high number of debates about His/Her/Its existence as seen all over the web and even in churches these days. But I don’t see such a Being concerning itself much with such debates (certainly not to the extent of sending Jesus down to appear live at one of them, or raining fire down from heaven on those who worship lies. Nor do I see such a Being concerning itself much with the weather, or even with the plethora of books published by members of diverse religions, denominations, sects and cults, telling people about divine beliefs and practices, and the even greater number of books claiming to contain the true interpretations of such books. The Infinite Being just seems to let things slide, kind of like the way the Infinite Being allows Satan and demons to continue to prowl creation, and the way the Infinite Being allows cultural influences to override the minds of Catholics and Protestants for centuries, including Luther and Calvin such that they all agreed that Christian rulers must persecute those who believed differently, otherwise the health and safety of people’s eternal souls and the safety of the nation were in jeopardy.

    Or look at all we have to do each day, just taking care of the body, food preparation, house and laundry cleaning, bathroom breaks, checking finances, care care, computer back ups, choosing dental floss. Most of each day is taken up by matters that don’t seem to have to do with this being a theater of salvation or soul perfecting at all. And most workers around the world do not have college degrees and are in “service” jobs that or “factory” work, and are losing brain connections and knowledge that they had gained in high school, as their brains jettison the bits no longer used in doing the repetitious jobs they are currently doing. Makes me see the attraction of people to having intellectual debates, to becoming apologists, or apostates. To keep the brain-mind thinking about highly abstract matters that touch on history and science, philosophy and psychology, and everything else that relates to the big questions. The bigger the question the more sidelines it has.

    • MattB

      If God is the greatest possible being in existence then, he must be personal. He can’t lack the quality of being personal. Being personal is an attribute that makes what God really is.

      • Hans Kueng uses the terminology “at least personal” since the term “personal” might lead naturally to unhelpful literalism with respect to anthropomorphisms. And of course, some would follow Tillich in problematizing the understanding God as “a being,” even if the greatest among them, rather than as Being itself.