The Jesus Label

The Jesus Label March 14, 2014

“We have kept Jesus’ name on the label, but changed the contents of the bottle. The contents are no longer of his moral quality or spiritual integrity”–The Rev. Jacquelyn Russell

A friend shared the above quotation from her mother on Facebook, and it seemed to me to deserve to be more widely shared.

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  • Nigel Wehrmann

    Certainly the contents of Jesus life, teachings, ministry have been emptied out of the bottle and we even say today that Jesus approves of things that he radically was against in his own day. Many are the reasons for this label being adapted on a new bottle with new contents. The real problem is that due to historical distance from the time of Christ’ til now, Jesus, his life and teaching has been mixed with many pagan ideas and many of these ideas have subtly found their way into the church.Reformers are not innovators. They are people who recover the Old truth and show that it is still relevant. We need reformers today. Too many people, including the majority of preachers, presuppose what the bible teaches before they even read it and therefore expound it according to their presuppositions. Jesus is muffled. That is he is kept quiet, not aloud to speak because the content of the bottle has been replaced with our own theories. When we ask the right questions, Who is Jesus and what did he say, that is how much of Jesus message was Jewish and needs to be read in the light of him being a Jew. What was his Jewish message to his contemporaries. We decide what Jesus said from who he was, and who he was, or is, gives authority to what he said. This in turn challenges our own presuppositions about him, for e.g. He was a teacher of timeless principles, or he was only concerned that a person would go to heaven when they die, the salvation of souls was his primary purpose, God wants to prosper you and make your business prosper. All of these ideas Jesus, the first century Jew never propagated and spoke against. I hope to write a book or series of books entitled “Will the Real Jesus please stand up” I believe we live in exciting times where the contents of the bottle, which have the label “Jesus” people are tired of the lack of substance so it is being poured out and slowly but surely the real contents are coming to the surface again.