Ancient Cosmologies and Modern Cosmologists

Ancient Cosmologies and Modern Cosmologists April 8, 2014

A talk offering visualizations of ancient cosmologies came to my attention. I will embed the first part below, but click through to see the rest, including the slides posted separately.

IO9 (among others) raised the question once again of how some top-notch physicists – and a starship captain! – came to be involved in a documentary arguing in favor of geocentrism. IO9 also posted about Cosmos and light.

Religion Dispatches clarified that it is Biblicism – one’s stated view about the Bible’s authority – rather than “Biblical literalism” that is the real issue when conservative Christians complain about Noah, and fail to complain about other films. 

PZ Myers managed to make the same point more succinctly, by showing how one conservative Christian “reads” and interprets the Declaration of Independence as being anti-Hindu and anti-evolution:

See also the re-release of one of Rachel Held Evans’ books, an article about Ken Miller in the Daily Beast, and Larry Moran drawing attention to an ID proponent’s list of questions that he thinks will “stump” science professors.

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