Faith in Film

Faith in Film April 7, 2014

I was recently interviewed by Kandra Polatis on the subject of religion and science fiction films. The resulting article is called “Faith in film: Why science-fiction movies abound with religious themes” and can be read on the Deseret News website.


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  • markhh

    Is that corrected for inflation?

    • I doubt it, but to tell you the truth, I really have no idea.

  • Michael

    What religious themes did the Hunger Games have? I don’t see it.

    • I don’t recall mentioning The Hunger Games in the interview, and the article doesn’t mention the series either. What brought on the question?

      • Michael

        Well it’s on the graph up there, under Star Wars.

        • Well, I didn’t expect them to leave off some of the most highly-grossing sci-fi films just because they didn’t have clear religious overtones. I assumed the reason the graph was featured alongside the article was to show how many of that list do have clear religious aspects.

  • David_Evans

    The article says:

    “Superhero films are also rife with religious symbolism, particularly savior figures, according to Donovan. He explains that in the 2002 version of “Spider-Man,” Peter Parker selflessly saves the city while some revile him and the city’s major newspaper calls for his arrest, which is similar to the way Christ was treated in biblical accounts. Furthermore, the Green Goblin tempts Spider-Man and tries to persuade Peter to join in his evil cause,..”

    The saviour who is reviled by some is not an exclusively religious theme. Nor is the evil man who tempts a good man. They can be found in the works of that notable atheist, Ayn Rand, and throughout literature and real life.