Moral Codes Don’t Age Well

Moral Codes Don’t Age Well April 22, 2014

The quote is from a post by Fred Clark’s blog Slacktivist, “When moral codes codify immorality.” Here is a longer excerpt:

Whenever you question the “traditional morality” of any moral code that’s not aging well, you’ll be accused of lawless anarchy and antinomianism. “So you think anything goes” they say. They don’t mean it as a question, so they won’t wait for, or allow, an answer. And thus they’ll never understand the point.

The point isn’t that we should once and for all destroy all moral codes. The point is that we should perpetually be destroying them so that we can perpetually replace them.

Moral codes are things that perish with use. They have an appearance of wisdom in promoting self-imposed piety and severity, but they don’t age well. Test everything, hold onto the good.

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  • “So you think anything goes.”

    Yay! False dichotomies!

  • Adam Crowl

    Pick a fallacy, any logical fallacy you care to deploy to defend entrenched opinion 🙂