Speaking in Tongues at Crooked Creek Baptist Church

Speaking in Tongues at Crooked Creek Baptist Church June 8, 2014

Today at my church, as it was Pentecost, we had the text (Acts 2:1-13) read in several different languages. I contributed by reading the text in Koine Greek. I was rather annoyed with myself for not being able to read it out loud in a more fluent manner, without stumbling a bit over longer words in particular (click the image at the end of the post for the text, which I read and recorded again at home since the video of today’s service is not yet available). This has made me determined to spend more time not merely reading the Greek text in my head, which I do regularly, but to actually read it out loud more often, since doing that is a somewhat different skill.

We also had readings in Romanian and Spanish (as well as four languages at once!), a lot of music on the theme of the Holy Spirit, and a children’s talk featuring bubbles, a kite, and a beach ball.

If you attended church today, what was special for Pentecost?

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  • Steve Caruso

    1) Gave a small lecture on Aramaic in the New Testament (went over the transliterated Aramaic portions in the Greek) for the Adult Forum prior to the service.
    2) Recited the Acts portion *in* Galilean Aramaic (which, yes, if you think about it kinda defeats the whole “speaking in tongues” thing, given Acts 2:7 🙂 )
    3) My son was baptized and one of his godparents had to do it by telecommute.

    It was a singularly crazy Pentecost. 🙂


    PS – I had to do the Galilean reading by transliteration as I’m *still* training myself out of a few Eastern Aramaicisms that are persistent in my speech (but such is to be expected as a number of phrases I don’t use commonly I first learned in Syriac). 🙂

    • Excellent! Are you willing to share the text of Acts 2 in Galilean Aramaic? I can propose that it be featured in next year’s Pentecost, hopefully alongside Klingon…

      • Steve Caruso

        Aye, once I clean it up a bit I’ll be posting it over at AramaicNT.org in transliteration so it’ll be easy for anyone to more or less pronounce it with minimal difficulty. 🙂

        (Can’t believe I just wrote that. Speaking in Aramaic with minimal difficulty… 🙂 )

        Klingon would be awesome. 🙂


        • We’ve also had Elvish proposed for inclusion. That would be much more beautiful for human ears than Klingon. Maybe I’ll learn it in Estonian and just tell people it is Elvish. I doubt many could tell the difference…

  • arcseconds

    I attended the ritual destruction of a piano. Does that count?

    • I’m going to say “I need more details before I can tell whether it counts,” just because it sounds like an interesting story…

  • Dr Denis O’Callaghan Ph.D.

    I always like to throw in Old Irish just to shake things up.