Speaking in Tongues at Crooked Creek Baptist Church

Speaking in Tongues at Crooked Creek Baptist Church June 8, 2014

Today at my church, as it was Pentecost, we had the text (Acts 2:1-13) read in several different languages. I contributed by reading the text in Koine Greek. I was rather annoyed with myself for not being able to read it out loud in a more fluent manner, without stumbling a bit over longer words in particular (click the image at the end of the post for the text, which I read and recorded again at home since the video of today’s service is not yet available). This has made me determined to spend more time not merely reading the Greek text in my head, which I do regularly, but to actually read it out loud more often, since doing that is a somewhat different skill.

We also had readings in Romanian and Spanish (as well as four languages at once!), a lot of music on the theme of the Holy Spirit, and a children’s talk featuring bubbles, a kite, and a beach ball.

If you attended church today, what was special for Pentecost?

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