Honest Door-to-Door Salespeople/Evangelists

Honest Door-to-Door Salespeople/Evangelists June 8, 2014


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TRENDING AT PATHEOS Progressive Christian
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  • Brian P.

    Oh great, some guys who believe in a God who blesses them in the afterlife for tormenting us in this life… Do they really think that’s what I want to believe, better than I already got… Poor souls. I’ll try to be polite. Self: Remember; be polite.

  • Tony Prost

    Reminds me of my generic all purpose prayer: Oh, God, please suspend the natural laws of the Universe for my personal convenience. Amen.

  • Sean Garrigan

    The apostles were apparently fortunate to live in a time during which taking what they considered the good news to the people was so effective that they were able to transform the ancient world.

    I wonder, if the Messiah were to come today for the first time, and his followers were later to embark on a ministry to spread the news after his death, would the most common response they’d get be a bored, irritated, perhaps even somewhat condescending stare, offered by someone standing there mumbling “be polite, just try to be polite”?

    Someone comes knocking on my door with a Bible in his hand, and I’m going to listen to what he has to say. Then, when he’s finished with his message, I’ll share some thoughts of my own!