Attacking Genesis

Attacking Genesis August 2, 2014

A Facebook friend shared a post of mine on his wall, and it led to interesting discussion. I wrote the following in a comment:

Why not pay attention to the clues to the genres of the texts that we find within them, correlating them with other literature? When we encounter a text with a talking animal in it we know what kind of literature it is – only if we have been taught to ignore such information about genre when it comes to the Bible do we try to turn Genesis 1-3 into history. Treated as a symbolic story about Human, it is insightful. If we try to claim that it is about two first humans in a particular place, it turns out to be scientifically false. It saddens me that people who turn an insightful analysis of human nature into an easily-disproved text about science think that they are upholding rather than attacking the Christian faith.

Genesis 1-3 God at Work

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