Doctor Who Extra

Doctor Who Extra August 29, 2014

Doctor Who Extra has a YouTube channel, and so wherever you are in the world, you can now watch the new behind-the-scenes series about the making of Doctor Who, which is rather like “Doctor Who Confidential” used to be. The first episode, embedded here, is all about the new Doctor and the making of “Deep Breath.”

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  • Beefy Cock Levinson

    There is not one single piece of historical evidence to prove that Jesus ever existed. Not one single scholar or historian from the first century AD mentioned even a single word about Jesus. That’s pretty strange, considering that Jesus was supposed to have been some big public figure, going around raising the dead, performing miracles, with thousands of followers. Very odd indeed that not one single scholar or historian from that time period mentioned even a single word about Jesus.

    The truth is- JESUS NEVER EXISTED!


    • I think you posted this in the wrong place. It doesn’t seem to have anything at all to do with Doctor Who.

      But even if it had been posted as a comment in a discussion about the historical Jesus, it would still be bizarre. You gullibly accept the claims of ancient fans of Jesus, and use that as grounds for rejecting the conclusions of modern secular historians about the historical Jesus, rather than the Jesus of dogma and legend. Doesn’t that seem an odd thing for someone to do?

      And of course, your claim assumes that an author like Luke was in no sense a historian in the ancient sense (he may not have been a good one, but that does not mean he was not one at all). It also assumes that Josephus never mentioned Jesus, which involves rejecting the consensus of historians not just about the likelihood that the Testimonium Flavianum is an embellishment rather than a pure fabrication, but also about his mention elsewhere of James the brother of Jesus called Christ.

      Perhaps you posted this comment on a Doctor Who post because you hoped that these errors and bits of shoddy logic in your comment might not be pointed out here?

      • sharon peters

        perhaps he’s a lonely person who needs some comfort tonight.

        I thought of this song from my past;

        A Poem On The
        Underground Wall


        last train is nearly due,

        The underground is closing soon,

        And in the dark deserted station,

        Restless in anticipation,

        A man waits in the shadows.

        His restless eyes leap and snatch,

        At all that they can touch or catch,

        And hidden deep within his pocket,

        Safe within it’s silent socket,

        He holds a coloured crayon.

        Now from the tunnel’s stony womb,

        The carriage rides to meet the groom,

        And opens wide the welcome doors,

        But he hesitates, then withdraws

        Deeper in the shadows.

        And the train is gone suddenly.

        On wheels clicking silently

        Like a gently tapping litany,

        And he holds his crayon rosary

        Tighter in his hand.

        Now from his pocket quick he flashes,

        The crayon on the wall he slashes,

        Deep upon the advertising,

        A single-worded poem comprising

        Four letters.

        And his heart is laughing, screaming, pounding,

        The poem across the tracks resounding,

        Shadowed by the exit light

        His legs take their ascending flight

        To seek the breast of darkness and be suckled by the night

        • And apparently he is not the only person who has trouble staying on topic.

          • sharon peters