Evidence from Answers in Genesis that Sunday School has a Positive Impact

Evidence from Answers in Genesis that Sunday School has a Positive Impact August 16, 2014

Answers in Genesis created the text image above. I think the evidence suggests that in churches where education is important, it has a positive impact, one that Ken Ham and his ilk would like to combat and undermine, and see replaced with indoctrination in their deceitful garbage.


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  • David Evans

    “More likely to believe that the Bible is less true!”

    What does that even mean? Less true than what?

    • Ian

      According to the poster, you’ll have to buy Ken Ham’s book to find out exactly what the study entailed.

    • Less true than what fundies think it is.

  • Ian

    In the first chapter of the book cited, the research data is summarised. In it it says that the top 5 reasons why young people stop going to church include Legalism (2), Hypocrisy of leaders (3), Too political (4), Self-righteous people (5), these are topped only by boring services (lest the progressives get too complacent 😉

    Visit the website for this curriculum, and it seems their approach is to hammer home more legalism (with an inevitable increase in hypocrisy), more right wing politics disguised as the bible, and more self-righteousness (with a fig leaf of ‘no, I’m a sinner, but God is righteous, and he is exactly how I say he is’).

    Of course, the ‘problem’ identified in the poster “Kids are entertained, leaders are comfortable, the curriculum is simplified” at no point is identified in the research as the reason for the exodus. Though Ken in the book tries very hard to spin the research to back his foregone conclusions. Quite the opposite, 40% of children leave active church participation before the end of middle-school. And “It was too boring” is the top reason they give [again, according to Ham’s own research findings].

    It is staggering how folks can diagnose the problem and then double down on the cause thinking it will solve things. Utterly barmy.

  • JenniferGerber

    what bullshit. Ken Hamm needs to get off my internet.