Aliens Helped Humans Build the Pyramids

Aliens Helped Humans Build the Pyramids September 28, 2014


This came my way via Kara Cooney on Facebook, who also shared this gem (presumably depicting a scene connected with the audiobook The Eye of the Scorpion):




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  • arcseconds

    I always liked Dave Lister’s explanation for this in Red Dwarf.

    The scene: Lister is fraught with guilt after finding he’s the Cat People’s god, and unwittingly destroyed the civilisation after they interpreted his laundry list as a star-chart. Rimmer is just upset because he’s quite sure he could have become God too if he’d had half a chance, and starts pooh-poohing religion as superstition:

    Lister (exasperated): Well, what do you believe in Rimmer? You must believe in something.
    Rimmer: I believe in aliens, Lister, aliens. Aliens that will give me a new body!
    Lister: Oh, come on… we’ve been in space for 3 million years, and we’ve not seen anything! There’s just us! What makes you think there are any aliens?
    Rimmer: the Pyramids, Lister. How could such primitive people move such massive, massive blocks of stone?
    Lister: they had whips! Massive, massive, whips!

  • LOL!