Christianity vs. Humanism?

Christianity vs. Humanism? September 5, 2014

Christianity vs Humanism

Hemant Mehta shared this. It certainly bears some resemblance to the differences between many conservative Christians and at least some humanists. But for many liberal and progressive Christians, the left hand side is simply false. We don’t subscribe to much in the way of dogma, and have been at the forefront in pointing out that even when conservative Christians claim to adhere to unchanging dogma, rarely is it actually the case. We have been at the forefront of revising our beliefs in light of evidence, and not only is doubt and questioning allowed, it is essential.

And of course, on the other side, I’ve heard people who self-identify as humanists show themselves happy to doubt and questions views that they want to reject, but show stubborn resistance to taking a critical look at their own beliefs which they want to be true.

But most importantly, for liberal Christians, as for many humanists but apparently not the person who made the chart, the whole notion of pitting Christians vs. humanists is viewed as unnecessary, undesirable, and unhelpful. There have been and continue to be plenty of Christian humanists, and even when it comes to interacting with those who would reject such a label, the aim of liberal humanist Christians is to encourage critical examination and reflection, not to foster a “we’re better than you are” mentality that almost always undermines our sense of need to critically examine ourselves.

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