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Help Us Reach Our Goal September 5, 2014

Help us achieve our goal

I got a kick out of this cartoon. Do you think that the difference between “handful of wackos” and “mainstream religion” is simply the number of people who adhere to it? This is a serious question that scholars of religion sometimes wrestle with.

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  • Anthony Le Donne

    This is great.

  • It’s a combination of the number of people, plus the age of the movement. It’s why certain Christian denominations which are now numerically small are mainstream, whereas new and growing denominations (i.e. certain Pentecostal groups) won’t get that kind of treatment till they survive a few more decades.

  • TomS

    Is Unitarian Universalism main stream?

    • Gary

      I would say it INCLUDES subsets of everything listed on the placard, including mainstream religion. I have capitalized “includes”, because it’s nature is actually inclusive, unlike some religions I know and love.

  • the_Siliconopolitan

    Duh. Hence “The Collection™”.