Only God

Only God September 14, 2014

When my pastor recently did a sermon series about controversial topics, I initially wanted to write songs that explored each theme. It soon became clear that that was not a realistic goal. But having found that there were few songs actually about monotheism, and that subject being a scholarly research interest of mine, I did take a stab at writing a song which explores the progression through different kinds of monotheisms – exclusive, inclusive, and mystical.

I’m not entirely satisfied with the result, even after tinkering with and trying to improve on the original lyrics I came up with. But here it is, such as it is. Lyrics follow below.

Only God


I come with my sword outstretched

And a book in hand

In the name of God

There can be only one

So prepare to bow

And come follow me


Only one God

Only one way

Only one nation

Only one king

The logic is clear

We can’t both be right

Accept what I say

Or stand up and fight

You will see the light

I’m armed with the might

Of the only God


I come with my hand outstretched

To the one in need

In the name of God

If there is only one

Then all humankind

Must be his concern


Only one God

Father of all

Only one family

Only one call

The logic is clear

There is no other

Only one God

Makes us sisters and brothers

One family

All children of

The only God


I come to lose myself

To be found in you

Beyond names of God

There can be nothing else

You are all and all

You are everything


Only one God

We cannot grasp

Infinite, boundless

First and the last

The logic is clear

Though we can’t perceive

Beyond all concepts that

We can conceive

When all else fades

What will remain?

Only God

(c) James F. McGrath 2014

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