The Big Lie

The Big Lie September 15, 2014

Brooke Lester quote the Big Lie

In a blog comment, Brooke Lester made the comment that I’ve shared here:

It’s never really about a “literal” interpretation, but about controlling interpretation. In every interview, every Facebook comment, every conversation, you have to take the word “literally” away from them. That their interpretation is “literal” is the Big Lie that makes all the little lies possible.

This image also seems relevant to this topic:


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  • Brooke

    Thanks, James! I like that comic.

    Full disclosure: the coinage on the final phrase I borrow from the political blogger Driftglass, who describes “Both Sides Do It” as the Beltway Media’s big lie that makes all the little conservative lies possible.

    • Michael Wilson

      Please let driftglass know the beltway media is right, both sides do it, we have no party of God or angels.

      • Harold

        What is “it”? In your view, is there anything that one party does that the other does not do? Also, do you vote for one party over the other? If so, how do you justify that if they are identical?

        • Michael Wilson

          Generally, the it refers to corruption and dishonesty. Graft, mistresses, dirty politics. The parties have different constituents and policies, but all have creeps and dishonest messaging.

  • Having engaged a number of self-identified Christians online, especially in Topix forums, I think you can also add general behavior not being anything like you might expect from Christians. Offering actual science seems to make them feel very threatened and some resort of pejorative comments and very elementary school insults. I have mentioned once or twice they better hope Pascal’s Wager doesn’t turn out in their favor because they certainly do not wish to face a deity and explain their personal behavior, Of course, the pseudo-anonimity of the Internet helps them, because some of the things I have been called personally would never have been done face to face. Very poor examples, and one of them claims to teach Sunday School.