Conservative Christian Approach to Everything Difficult

Conservative Christian Approach to Everything Difficult October 25, 2014

The conservative Christian approach to most everything difficult

Chris Nelson said in a comment on a recent post:

The conservative Christian approach to most everything difficult is to deny difficulty. I’m not sure if that speaks to an appalling lack of insight or an appalling surplus of denial.

That seemed to me meme-worthy.

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  • Frank6548

    It’s not.

    • arcseconds

      Is there a part of the Bible you think to be very problematic and difficult to accept?

  • James Walker

    the final sentence… I’d say that’s not really an “or” proposition. the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • arcseconds

    This does sum up something that I’ve always found irksome and disappointing about many conservative Christians. They don’t want to wrestle with anything, they just want to trump everything.

    Of course, we do know that some of them do struggle with, say, things that look like indefensible arbitrary commands that work against what seems prima facie good, so perhaps in many cases the trumping behaviour masks considerable uncertainty…

    (I just quoted this in a discussion back on Slactivist on the post on the sacrifice of Isaac, although the discussion had turned to the ‘God is good by definition’ ting)

  • Sean Garrigan

    Liberals are masters of caricature.

    • $120619225

      All we can do is reflect what morons broadcast.

  • Donnie McLeod

    We have two thinking processes. We default to our far too rational, fear based, sub human so Christian conservative compliant thinking process. Some habitually park our fear based process to give our other thinking process priority. This process is the source of inquiry and reason, the essence of liberalism. Martin Luther hated this thinking process. He railed it was the Devil’s sex worker and should be locked in a filthy closet. Using Martin’s Luther’s prefered thinking process is just a bad drug habit. The users are addicted to the endorphins produced when our sub human thinking process is jerked by a threat, mostly just imagined.

  • histrogeek

    That’s for my likely fifteen minutes of fame.