JJMJS October 21, 2014

JJMJSThe word has been spreading that there is a new open access journal, the Journal of the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting. That the first issue has appeared during Open Access Week makes the timing perfect. The first article, by Torleif Elgvin, offers a transcription and translation of the Gabriel Inscription as well as discussion of its messianic ideas. In the process, the question of a suffering messiah is given attention, and an idea which Richard Carrier discusses and dismisses quickly in On the Historicity of Jesus, namely that later Jewish sources got their messiah of Joseph from Christians, is discussed, with reference to other sources that discuss the matter further.

Of related interest, Jim Davila mentioned the bibliobloggers’ gathering at SBLAAR. I am starting to wonder whether it might not make sense for bloggers to simply gather on Saturday evening in the context of the other SBLAAR: The Society for Beer Lovers & Assorted Academic Research.

And don’t miss the interesting blog post on The Jesus Blog about social memory, looking at the example of Regina Jonas, the first female rabbi.


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